With eight forums and thousands of active community members, the Leopardboard community has been exploding in 2011.

Joining this growing and exciting community can be done in two quick and easy steps:

1) Join DesignSomething.org and validate your account

2) Go to the Leopardboard homepage and click on "Join Group" in the top right


Explore the Leopardboard Forums & Setup Your Forum Email Watches

With these two steps now complete you can participate and set up your forum email watches for any of the eight forums you wish to participate, help others, provide feedback or ask questions in.

Listing of current Leopardboard Forums:

  • Accessories - Optional parts for Leopardboard
  • FAQ
  • Leopardboard 355 - Discussions for Hardware issues
  • Leopardboard 365/368 - Discussions for Hardware issues
  • News - News with Leopardboards. Any member can post own news here
  • Software - Discussions for any Software Issues
  • Web Issues - To suggest new ideas or to report issues to use this web page, please, use this forum
  • WishList - If you have any wish list with Leopard board, please, share it with community

To set your forum email watches:

1) Browse to the forum you want to receive emails for all activity

2) On the right under "Options" click on "Email subscribe to this forum" (to un-subscribe repeat these steps for existing forums you are already subscribed to)


We Want Your Feedback!

We hope you find this quick how to for joining the Leopardboard Community, overview of its forums and how to set up email watches was informative. If there is anything else you would like to see us cover in upcoming blog posts, please let us know by commenting below.