Leopardboard 365

Leopard 365 board is based on the TMS320DM365 processor from TI. It provides free optimized video codecs (H.264, VC1, MPEG2, MPEG4, JPEG) and audio codecs (MP3, AAC, WMA and Audio Echo Canceller). RidgeRun supports open source free SDK on Leopard 365 board, too. All accessories for original leopard board are compatible with Leopard 365 board. This Leopard board family provides best platform for vision and multi media application.

  • re: Leopard 365 Board

    Hi Nara,

    It's great you brought us DM365 LeopardBoard. I personally like to see high frame rate 720p recording samples with the Leopardboard.

    I'm sure that would be big boost for Leopardboard family.